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HK International Design and Innovation Forum

香港國際設計創意研討會 HK International Design and Innovation Forum 你都可以設計俾住好D,無印良品,LEGO You can design for GOD, MUJI and LEGO too! Thank you for coming and making this a great event! Please share your photos on Flickr tagged with “hkdesigninnovationforum“ before Sunday night. Wacom

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Inauguration of Barack Obama – never been so proud as an American

Been watching it on TV this morning, everybody is in such joyous mood for this historic moment. I have to admit, when I first moved to Seattle 18 years ago, I was taken aback by how behind the times the

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Picasa finally out on Mac After the initial news leak / rumor a year ago, I’ve been eagerly waiting for Picasa Mac’s release! Every time I fire up Aperture, painfully work on my photos just to add tags and headlines and comments and upload

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Reverse the pecking order and Rectify the unjust banking structure

Just came back to Seattle and saw this on the news: Merrill Lynch exec, Peter Kraus, got paid a $25 million bonus for what amount to a few weeks of work. This is after Bank of America had bought out

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IE 5 to 8 major security flaw gives your passwords away

I don’t remember how many years it has been since I ditched IE, and since last year I’ve migrated to Mac 100%. Wouldn’t it be nice if no one uses IE anymore? We definitely need to spread the news on

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Back in the US, watching Bear Grylls eats Goat Testicle Raw!

After spending more than 2 months in Hong Kong (and way too much money) for my wedding, I’m now back in the US. Just arrived in Seattle yesterday, I gotta say, I had left Seattle 6 years ago and I’ve

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Limiting Internet Usage before Harry Potter release in fear of Spoilers

I’ve just saw a news from Slashdot that someone had taken pictures of every single page of the US version of Harry Potter book 7 and released it on torrents. In fear of what happened to me when book 6

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