I really need to restart my Reggio Emilia inspired playgroup

I’m soooo really, reeeally mad right now!!!

Since May of this year, I had started to notice my son’s “terrible 2’s” behaviors / personality beginning to emerge. I decided to spend more time with him, putting my limited Reggio Emilia Approach knowledge to work. I organized a “Parents led, child initiated” playgroup, got to know some truly awesome parents and REA educators! Learned about RIE and fell in love with it. Through it all, my relationship with my son has grown sooooo much (I was away for most of his first year of life and worked full time most of his 2nd.)

Sadly, came September, work began to pick up. Speaking engagements in Japan & Hong Kong. I also thought about scaling my REA playgroups idea so that I can help more parents, (I feel that this is so important, it actually has potential to change the world!! Just imagine a whole new generation of passionate, confident, independent thinkers who are not afraid to challenge the status quo!!) I began to spend more and more time with this work… applied and beat out 80+ other teams to join AcceleratorHK, so now I’m full time trying to make this dream happen.

These 2 months where I started to spend less and less time with my son, I watched his behavior turned back… worse and worse. 😦

Just now, we had a hell of a time putting him to sleep. Going to sleep used to be the most peaceful thing just before September. We would go through our nightly routine, and then Luc would happily go pick his story books and we would go into the room. I would read him 2 or 3 stories, then he’ll hold on to the story books and quietly fall asleep.

These days, sometimes I can’t even get through the entire story with him. He would go back outside, scream at the top of his voice for our maid, or mom, and then may be back to me. The slightest move to stop him from something, he would scream. I used to calmly talk to him about alternatives and I had repeatedly told my wife and our helper, but somehow, I’m the only one who can really do it. These days, Luc spend most of his time with the maid, and it has just, been, the, fucking, WORST!!!!! I cannot stand this anymore!!!!! Nothing is more important to me than my son’s well being. NOTHING!!!! I need to go back and restart my morning playgroups. Every! Fucking! Morning!!!

I think the saddest, worst part of all of this, is that I know I should’ve been there for my child, but I wasn’t, and now the maid has caused all these problems, and instead of getting pissed off at the maid, I get pissed off at my son. 😦 I’m really reeeeally hating myself for this right now 😦


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