Shadowrun Returns on Kickstarter


For those of you old enough to remember Shadowrun on SNES, (or just the SNES / Genesis 16 bit generation), I'm sure you've backed this Shadowrun Returns project already. (Right? You have, right?!!)

It just ended yesterday, and the numbers are a good indication of just how awesome Kickstarter is! You see, they also opened a page for people to pledge using PayPal, you'll get all the same rewards, it's just paying on PayPal rather than Kickstarter. So, one would imagine the PayPal side should get a hefty sum of money too…

Well, including PayPal, the final total is $1,895,772!!! And $1,836,447 is listed on Kickstarter!!! Which means PayPal only pulled in $59,325. That's a mere 3% of the total!!! Ouch!!!!
From the get go, we started Makible to be different from Kickstarter, but because of how much I love Kickstarter personally, I infused a lot of its elements to the current Like my previous project with the LEGO crowdsourced design site, my goal is to empower individuals to bring their innovative ideas into reality. I want to shift the system from the old, soulless, mass-manufacturing model to the new, passionate, crowd supported model. With Makible, we're pivoting our role to become more of a "tools maker", we provide the tools for people to innovate and make things. We hope to enable people to create more amazing projects on the big crowdfunding sites, and if anyone needs to get things made after a successful funding campaign, we're here to help as well!

In the meantime, you're hearing less news from us during this transitional period. But do check and for news of our first working prototype!


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