Back in June of 2011, a friend of mine sent out an email to tell us about his friend’s project on Kickstarter, his friend is Scott Cassell,

Undersea Voyager Project – 1000 feet level – study as a species, what do we need to know to live 


Humboldt Squid

2mm a day, similar metabolic rate as a humming bird (requries lots of oxygen!)

in California now – sea of cortez

Directly affects all of us


Discovered by Alex Von Humboldt in Peru, was never in Sea of Cortez

Sharks will have 1 to 4 pubs viable every other year. 400 million killed a year.

Tuna, 500 to 100K.

Humboldt 1 to 5 million eggs per female

We’ve killed too many sharks, causing a big distribution migratory problem.

First start coast of Peru, to tip of Panama, northen scope of Chili.

Silky shark only Sea of Cortez

1930’s, fisheries began to be able to fish the squid up in California, they’ve expanded North and South.

1970’s, all the way up to Alaska and down to Antartica. Expansion of range and population explosion.

Coast of Chili, 6 million a year fishery of Hake fish, wiped out in 2 years by the squid.

Fishery of Salmon in Northern California is gone. Squid showed up 2 years ago. Salmon is endangered species anyway but we still fish them. Bedega Bay, Sandaminen Fishermen seen Salmon hanging out at he river mouth, acclaimating to the fresh water, and the squid came right up and wiped out everything!

Humboldt is probably the most opportunistic predator in the world, it will explore and eat anything and everything! 4 people eaten by them in Sea of Cortez.

1 giant squid per human on earth

Most common fisheries will collapse in 25 years








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