e-mail from my manager: 始末書の提出 Make a written apology

That was the title of the email I got from my manager, ‘coz I was 1 minute late…  LOL


Don’t have time right now ‘coz my top priority is to get this new business model running on the new Open Hippel platform… but later on I’ll need to change the corporate culture!  The human side of things!!  E-mails and rules like these need to be abolished in order to improve staff morality.


Had this conversation on Facebook this morning, was just able to recover myself, concentrate and start working… and then I got this e-mail!  orz  …  I’m going out for lunch and take a walk now.  %#$&!




…and YES!!! I AM POSTING THIS PUBLICLY, ‘coz things need to CHANGE!!!  Watch this video!!!!



RSA Animate – Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us:



(BTW, I’m always 1 minute late b’coz that’s when my train arrives… and the company clock is 3 minutes faster than Apple’s server time.)


Just another guy trying to beat the system and be released from the Matrix http://about.me/nicholaswang

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One comment on “e-mail from my manager: 始末書の提出 Make a written apology
  1. Nicholas Wang says:

    LOL, we're all pretty used to the US style web companies, &quot;come in whenever u want&quot; schedule :D<div><br></div><div>My friend Google translated the e-mail to English and he laughed so hard he couldn't breath!  Looking back now it is kinda interesting.  The culture is just sooo different.  Official apology is an important part of that…<br> <br><br></div>

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