When it Comes to Web Developers…

When it comes to hiring web developers, it is so important to hire someone that is English based (location & nationality doesn't matter, as long as he / she uses English majority of the time!), b'coz the internet changes so fast, and the fact that the US had continued to make progress after the dot com crash whereas the entire Asia had stopped, mean that a lot of Asian web developers are still stuck in technology of early 2000's.

I started the Open Hippel project to build an open source version of CUUSOO because 1) the Danish government sponsored JOIN project is our partner and they were going to build their own open source version of CUUSOO anyway… and 2) I couldn't persuade our founder / CEO to build it internally.  (It's funny how things turn out in life, I was frustrated I couldn't do it internally, but by opening it publicly, I was able to gather people who truly believe in the value of creating this "Open Innovation, Open Collaboration" system on Drupal.  These people became my best friends and we work passionately on this open system!

Not to mention, by taking the steps walking down the open source path, I was able to see things I couldn't see before…  I'm now creating a whole new business model that rely on a healthy, open sourced eco-system!  It's gonna be AWESOME!!!

Anyway, back to web developers… after all the links I had sent them about Drupal powering some of the most extremely high profile sites in the world… yesterday, our developer came up with a small list of questions… 'coz he's worried about the scalability of Drupal!  😀  LOL!  Well, here are the questions…


B. Proposal regarding Scalability


  What sort of solutions could Drupal offer when access volumes grow significantly?


   1. Would there be a solution to use multiple web servers?


   2. Would there be a solution to use multiple database servers?


   3. Would there be a solution to save/store image files on multiple servers?


C. Proposal regarding System Back-up and Restoration


  What sort of solutions could Drupal offer when a system failure happens?


   1. Back-up and restoration of the program


   2. Back-up and restoration of the data


   3. Back-up and restoration of image files.


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