Earthquake in China and Karma

Just read something about the victims in Earthquake stricken Szechuan in Western China – a man lost both of his sons and now dedicates his life to exposing the corrupt local government which allowed poor constructions of schools in the area, but got arrested in the middle of the night and was told not to continue bothering the government! A woman who lost her friends due to leaked poison from the local heavy industry factories, but is forced to go back to work there now to get by!

Apparently there were a couple of scientists that kept sending letters to the government to warm them about building a big fucking dam right in the middle of not one, but two continental fault lines! One of them also warned beforehand that the added weight of water may actually induce an earthquake!

Two thousand years ago, the area was already constantly being flooded and the ancient Chinese went with the flow of nature and simply directed the river into multiple branches! Human and nature hence lived peacefully together for 2000 freaking years. Nowadays, we have become fools who think we can control and alter nature!! orz

The earthquake killed millions of poor, ordinary people… and we got a comment from Sharon Stone asking “Is that Karma?” I think it kinda shows how unpopular the Chinese government is in the eyes of the West… but we’ve got to separate the little people – the poor men & women & kids who work at the local heavy industries that are poisoning their lands, just to put bread on the table!, from the corrupt government and corporations!! These people still haven’t gotten back to normal lives, everything is still in shambles, but guess what? Those poisonous factories are already back up and running! If you wanna talk Karma, then please let’s talk about the cheap handbags, clothes, shoes, LCD tvs, computers, digital cameras – Walmart, K-mart, Target… etc etc… Remember what prices used to be 10 years ago for a large TV? Lower prices means more sales and more profit for the corporations, but at what expense? How about factories in China that heavily pollute our Earth?! Part of the money you spent on you LCD TV goes to the pockets of corrupted Chinese government officials and the factories owners. So, economically, we the consumers is where it all started. The bad Karma begins with you and me!!!

Let’s really thinking about where we should give our money to!


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