Yoyo Boy, I’d rather have you be your naughty self

January 23, 1999, I was at your birth place minutes after you were born. I took my eyes off you and you fell from the sofa down to the carpeted floor when you were only days old. I washed you in the bathroom sink when you pooped all over your bed. Weeks later, I took you home… I don’t remember how many weeks old you were… and I keep thinking if I had took you away from your mom too early. I also wonder if I should have fed you can food rather than science Diet puppy dry food.

You were a bundle of joy at my house! It was only me and you, you followed me all around, looked up at me following me and hit the wall and yelped! When I practiced my piano, you played with my old sock which I made into a ball for you, and one time you got the strings to tie all around you and then you freaked out and yell! You hid behind me and backed into a corner when some strangers visited us and scared you. You were brave and learned to climb the stairs when you were still so tiny! When I thought you were ready to sleep with me, I let you sleep on top of my blanket and later that night, you pee’d a big one right on top of me! When you were around 5 or 6 months old, my mom came home and I had to give you back to live with your parents and your aunt Miki. That’s where you learned all your bad habits.

I brought you back home after a few months and you were all grown up already! You raised your leg to pee, you liked to pee at clothes and plastic hanging down to your height level, you pushed over the garbage bins and dig all the trash out for human food while I was sleeping or when I had gone to work. I would slap you on your bottoms hard, but you never changed your ways. I finally got you neutered… but all your bad habits are already here to stay. You really liked visiting SiuBak, even when you were a baby, you dominated over SiuBak… you were the alpha dog back then!

Then, in January of 2002, I brought you to New York, that’s where we stayed with Jojo, the tea cup Yorkie. It was there in the basement where you dug out and ate all the raw pork that was thrown away! Another time, you dug out a Cadbury chocolate bar from my cousin’s suitcase and ate a whole quarter of it!!! These 2 incidents had to be pretty harmful to your health. In June of the same year, SiuBak came to join us and we moved in with Queenie in August. You 2 kept each other company while Queenie and I goes to work. For 5 years, we strolled the streets of our neighborhood in Astoria, walked around Union Square where you 2 goes to the dog playground. We flew back to Seattle a few times for fresh air and visited old friends. We drove to Montreal and Quebec during their Jazz festival and we had to sneak you 2 into motels!

We can tell that you 2 are getting old… We bought you nice sweater from Gap so you’re less cold in the winter. We paid more attention to your diet and moved through different brands until we settled on mixed Innova dry food plus can food. I even tried raw meat specifically made for dogs one time, and you 2 really liked it! In late 2006 though, we started to notice that your belly had suddenly grown fat. We brought you to the vet but they all said it was normal. In mid-2007, we brought you 2 back to Seattle where we said goodbye to our old homes and moved to a new house. You 2 stayed behind while Queenie and I went back to pack things up in New York and flew to Hong Kong for our wedding. I flew back to pick you guys up from the dog hotel the week after our wedding. You were a mess! I brought you to the groomer and they had to shave your hair real short again. It sucks coz it’s so cold in Seattle this year! We stayed together at the new house, not doing much… saw another white Christmas… you were too cold to go out! We bought you a new sweater, but it doesn’t look good and you don’t like it.

1 month and 2 days since I came back and picked you up at the hotel, January 9th, 2008, you woke up as usual, real hyper and you seemed hungry coz you haven’t been eating the dry food. I gave you and SiuBak some plain yogurt and you ate it up real fast! Even had some of SiuBak’s share!! We went out to run some errands and came back at around 2pm… you had puked everything out and you looked real guilty. You had also pee’d at a plastic box and I slapped your bottoms for that. For the rest of the day, you just laid there on the couch… you didn’t eat any dinner even when I mixed in some rice for you! You went upstairs after me, laid there in midway, poop coming out of your bottom, I saw you were moving your belly in and out… I thought you were just having trouble defecating… but then, you went downhill real fast! You couldn’t stand up, I picked you up, and you had no strength in you… I searched for the closest veterinarian hospital that still opens, while you gasped for air. At 10:30, we head out toward the hospital, but you probably had already passed away. I kept doing CPR on you, holding you in my arms… but when we arrived, the vet took a look and told me, you’re already gone.

Small dogs have very little blood, so most likely, a tumor in your tummy had ruptured and you had internal bleeding… which drained you of your life very fast. By the time you were gasping for air, it was already close to your final moment.

I’m sorry…

You were only 8 years old, but I guess you had it your way your whole life! Just like your master, you always choose the thrill and rewards of being naughty, even if it means taking punishment afterwards. Oh you had gotten me so angry so many times!… But, holding your body in my arms, I thought to myself… Oh how I’d rather have you be your naughty self now…

I’m so sorry…

I don’t believe in heaven or even a spiritual world… I know that when a brain goes out, that’s the end of everything… but right now… how I wish there is a dog heaven, so I can see you again when I die…

You’ll always live on in my mind…

1999-01-23 ~ 2008-01-09



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    A beautiful tribute.

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