Still waiting for the University of Tokyo

I’ve written about applying to the University of Tokyo in a previous post. The submission period for that “Foreign Research Student” program at the Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies was back in October, and I had my application FedEx’ed over in mid-October. The University of Tokyo didn’t send me any acknowledgment notice of having received my application, all I know is from my FedEx tracking number, someone had signed for my package. I knew that they would release the results in December, but it’s now December 29th and I still haven’t received any news yet. 😦 A couple of weeks back, I went back to look at the info page for the “Foreign Research Student” program, to my horror, the English page has been taken off their website!! The Japanese version is still there, and from it I verified that the results will be sent out in late December. I know the English version was a little out of date, but why had they taken it offline completely rather than updating it? Are they not welcoming “foreigners” in their “Foreign Research Students” program? (Why call it “Foreign Research Students” then??)

This week though, I missed a delivery from the Post Office. They left me a slip in the mailbox, I’m not sure what it is but this may be a certified letter from the University of Tokyo… Oh God, I’m so nervous. I’ve done my best in gathering all the requirements and written a pretty damn good research proposal (as seen here in Japanese). I keep telling myself to prepare for the worst, but I know that if I get a rejection letter, I’m still going to be devastated!

Meanwhile, it’s more waiting until I go to the Post Office to pick up the mysterious letter / parcel on Monday. If there is a God, I need your blessing now!


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