I love animals, I gotta start eating bugs!

Bugs are more than 60% protein, environmentalists body builder should eat bugs.

I saw an episode of Independant Lens on PBS about wild parrots in San Francisco. Very touching story. When the city government were gathering suggestions on what to do with these parrots, some environmentlists wrote in and said “These parrots are not native to the bay area, they should be captured and exterminated.”

Excellent idea! By the same logic… we should capture all black people outside of Africa, and exterminate them, right? ROFL. What kind of fucked up logic is that?! Hey! At least both the parrots and the black people were taken away from their native homeland by force. If you wanna exterminate non-native species, at least kill the ones that willingly invade other areas… so… that means… we should capture all white people outside of Europe… ROFL.

I love animals…


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