Failure #1 – getting laid off

I wonder if I should count it as a failure, as I’m getting a hell of a good deal with the severance package and unused vacation time. Still, I guess when the news was first delivered to our group, I was a little disappointed. Considering that the weeks before I had consistently worked till the wee hours of the night (3-4 am) to meet the needs of the data migration project, and then the next week, we were notified that our positions were to be eliminated! Yeah, we were all a little pissed.

In my case, I was offered to either move to California to join our Business Intelligence team, or to take a severance package and leave. Considering that all my stock options are all vested, and the severance means extra cash. I couldn’t find reason why I should continue to stay. I guess a lot of us feel the same way as Yahoo! has been suffering heavily from “brain drainage” in recent years. A lot of old timers had left and joined Google. Well, for me, there was one position that could’ve made me stay, unfortunately, I lack the Japanese Language skills so I didn’t qualify. (That should be failure #1 actually!) So, I happily took the loot and leave!

I’ve always wanted to open up a business and work for myself, I kept telling myself to spend some time setting shit up online… but when you have a full time job, especially one at a well-known company that doesn’t pay half bad… it’s really hard to take that risk and leave that comfortable position! I know quite a few people in Yahoo! and Microsoft who are in the same shoes as I was. I guess we’re all afraid of “change”.

Another thing is timing. If I was married with kids to support and a mortgage to pay, I would totally freak and look for another job right away! Luckily for me, I still have the chance to be a little risky. I am getting married soon though! And yes, my fiance ain’t too happy about my decision. I totally understand, if I was her I’d feel insecure too! This is why I was so happy when she gave me her full support. Like I said previously, I don’t know if I’ll be successful or not, all I know is that I can’t give up. I can feel the insecurity too! At times like these, it really means a lot to have your loved ones give you their support! (Thanks!:))

So, here I am, 2 more weeks until my last day, not looking for another job, but aiming to go to grad school in Japan next Spring. Opened this blog to document my journey. Next up, my spectacular failure at getting the Monbusho Scholarship! (Oh it hurts!!)


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