Some emails between me and people who interviewed me

From: Nicholas Wang
Sent: Monday, January 22, 2007 8:33 PM
To: xxxxx xx xxxx
Subject: RE: RX1xxxx18910 – Business Intelligence Analyst

Dear Ms. xxxx,

As seen in my email to Mr. xxxx, I am writing to inquire about the bilingual BI Analyst position. From what I gathered in the job posting, the key point to this position is to be able to provide the right data to those customers, by truly understanding their key business drivers. Obviously, in order to do that, this person must first be able to understand the language that the data is in. Once we dove into the data and found the key metrics to measure those key business drivers, this person will create the tables in the data warehouse, set up ETL processes to fill the tables with meaningful conformed data, create reports… etc. Much of these already exists in our U.S. systems, this position is responsible for helping to migrate and implement our knowledge to Yahoo! Japan.

I hope I’ve demonstrated that I understand both the business and technology sides of Business Intelligence. Recently, Hotjobs has started creating our own data warehouse while we are migrating our old CRM and web systems into new platforms. I have been actively participating in this process. I am familiar with ETL processes, OLAP databases, and the Business Objects applications. In terms of comprehension of the Japanese language, I am actually the person my Japanese friends would ask to fix their computers. I use a Japanese PDA (which runs Linux) myself. I have always wondered why Yahoo! Japan is so separated from the rest of Yahoo! worldwide. I know they operate as a different company, but Yahoo! users shouldn’t be separated due to that. If this position can help bridge Japan to the rest of the world, then I will be honored to be part of the team that made it possible. Most importantly, I’m eager to work hard to earn my title as a Business Intelligence Engineer.

My managers and co-workers here can all be my reference, I would very much like to have the opportunity to conduct an initial phone interview with you if possible. I can be reached at my work phone – xxxxxxxxxx. Please feel free to contact me at any time.

Thank you very much for your consideration.

Best regards,

Nicholas Wang


From: Nicholas Wang
Sent: Friday, January 26, 2007 3:33 PM
To: xxxxxx xxxxxx
Subject: RE: your application for Saturn Y!JP Technical project management position

Hi Ms. xxxxxx,

Thank you very much for the interview. I have gained a better understand about this position. In summary, this position not only has to extract meaningful data and create reports for Yahoo! Japan, but also to pass on the knowledge that we have accumulate through experience here in the US. We will be educating them on our established processes and helping their front end developers with developing the right “standards”. We will then extract data from the standardized web logs, and create meaningful reports for the PMs in Japan. We’ll help them understand the key metrics, hence they’ll know how to allocate developers’ efforts in order to improve the search experience for the users, and in turn be able to see the results in the reports (and in revenue?).

I hope I’ve demonstrated that I have a good background, allowing me to understand both the technical and business issues, and correctly identify the goal of a project. I also hope that my Japanese language skill was proven sufficient enough. I was quite nervous during the conversation, and towards the end, it seemed that my adrenaline rush was fading away and I wasn’t thinking very clearly. It was a very interesting experience.

Once again, thank you very much for your time. I look forward to having the chance to speak with the PM and Engineer from Yahoo! Japan.

Thank you very much,

Nicholas Wang


From: Nicholas Wang
Sent: Friday, February 02, 2007 8:01 PM
To: xxxxxxxx xxxxx
Cc: xxxxxx xxxxxx
Subject: RE: Saturn technical position: RX1xxxx18910 – Business Intelligence Analyst

Hi xxxxxxxx,

昨日の面接ありがとうございました。今回Yahoo! JPのBusiness Intelligence Analystについて、テクニカルの知識より日本語のほうが難しいですね。オラクルのパフォーマンスチューニングは本が読むならできる、でも言語は年に勉強しなければならないですね。

僕にとってデータベースの仕事に興味がある、そして自分がこの仕事に非常にてきしていると思いました。 そう言うわけでデータベースに集中して、せいいっぱい勉強しました。五年前からBusiness Intelligence / Data Warehousing を目指した、
Hotjobs自身のData Warehouseを開発すること楽しみに待っています。実は今回の応募のおかげで、僕はもっと自信を持てるようになりました。もう少しだけだ、僕は必ずBusiness Intelligence Engineerになります。



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