So much to do… so little time…

It has been 2 months since I last interviewed for that Yahoo JP Business Intelligence Engineer position, and they still haven’t found the right person. Proves me right… it’s hard to find someone with that kind of technical skills while being fluent in Japanese.

Meanwhile, my other option was to migrate to our own Data Warehouse team… I called up the manager over in Sunnyvale after my former manager Phil told me that they’re are short on staff and the manager was thinking about bringing in some temps. That’s the problem with our big corporations these days, it happened in my Microsoft days and it’s happening again now. They just can’t hire any full timers. The manager acknowledged that he needed people, and he realized that it would be beneficial for his team to have someone “old school” like me. Yet, in the end, he had to bring in contractors. So… I’m still stuck here in the New York office.

I’ve been keeping myself extremely busy though. I haven’t given up on Japanese yet… studying Japanese vocabularies and grammar at night. At work, when I have time outside of the data migration project, I study my new Oracle Architecture book. I’m also going to work with Phil on testing the data integrity of the Data Warehouse, just pending my current manager’s approval. I wish I have more time though, as I still haven’t gotten around to ripping WordPress apart and learning to turn it into my web businesses. I’ve gotten through its “theme” and learned to manipulate it using CSS, but I’m not interested in it, I wish someone else can handle that shit for me. I will just focus on the backend.

I want to finish all 3 tasks ASAP… how do I juggle all 3 tasks at once? I think my top priority is Oracle, as it is needed immediately for the Data Warehouse, and it’s the easiest out of the 3. Japanese will take the longest, in fact, I have the same feeling as one of my language partner… that I’ll never be able to become fluent in it. (Doesn’t mean I won’t try though.) Finally, the website. I’m really slacking off here… this is the one thing that can potentially bring in the most cash for me, but I’m putting it on the back burner… I guess I just need someone to work together … may be I should search for a wordpress user group in New York…


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