Had “Okinawan” food last night

At a place called “Suibi Japanese Restaurant” at 53rd St in Upper East Side. It’s Japanese Restaurant Week this week and I found this place on the list. At JapanesePod101, I had learned about Okinawa food like ゴーヤ チャンプル and タコライス and their unique alcohol 泡盛. They didn’t have “Taco Rice”, the Goya Champuru was ok but I don’t really like that bitter plant… We ordered something that looked pretty good on the menu, it’s called 豆腐よーうー and it’s described as Tofu added with 泡盛なっとう to become a cheese like texture… well, it turns out to be the same as a Chinese 腐乳 (is that how it’s written?) A tiny block of it cost me $8.75! I felt seriously ripped off!

What are some other suggested food from Okinawa? I was disappointed last night, but I’ll definitely try again if I can find another place that serves Okinawan food. 🙂


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