Brazil’s Amazon Deforestation – Burning Everything Down for Beef

Just saw a program on Discover Times channel called “Could It Happen Here?” It talked about one thing that I’ve heard a lot about and when I was a kid, I was very concerned about ~ the deforestation of the Amazon rain forest.

I guess after I moved to the US, I’ve heard far less about environment issues. (When I was in Hong Kong, I would watch British nature shows on TVB Pearl channel.) Here in the US, I would hear once in a while that “Yes… deforestation is still going on in Brazil…”, I think they say about the size of 3 football fields are cleared everyday? I’m not sure why, but the way that information was presented just doesn’t carry the same impact as before.

This Discover Times program brought new light to my understanding of the issue. First and foremost, when they say “clearing the forest”, they actually meant “BURN IT THE FUCK DOWN!” Secondly, all these plants and animals eco-systems of the forest are actually burned for cattle! BEEF!!!! Thirdly, the burning goes on all over different places in the forest, (not just on the edges, as I had imagined). The Brazilian government has helicopters to fight these fires, but the area is huge and it takes time to reach the fires. Finally, all the burning is causing a vicious cycle, clearing the ground level and making it drier and easier to burn again.

The amount of Carbon Dioxide released from all the burning is roughly equivalent to the same of the entire Western Europe’s car CO2 emission.

Now think… what can we do to help this situation?


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