My Reply (Goodbye, my dream job, my chance to fly to Tokyo 4 times a year. (T_T)

From: Nicholas Wang
Sent: Tuesday, February 06, 2007 1:21 PM
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: RE: Saturn technical position: RX1xxxx18910 – Business Intelligence Analyst


メールありがとうございます。 質問の答えは下に書きました。 よろしくお願いします。


From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx []
Sent: Monday, February 05, 2007 7:27 PM
To: Nicholas Wang
Subject: RE: Saturn technical position: RX1xxxx18910 – Business Intelligence Analyst

1. はい、僕は日本語の読むことは自信があります。 文法があまりよくないので、うまくかけないと思っていますけど、意味はだいたい分かるを思います。 スピードも問題ないです。

2. 意味をせつめいするとは、英語でですか?

a. しつもんのせつめい:
To verify the received URL, we used crawled. When we’re crawling, according to the “noindex” description on the meta tag, we record the information of “cannot index”. We can see the actual page, now there is no description however, do you have any idea what to do?
In any case, since I think we’ll crawl one more time tonight, I think I want to wait for that progress. Certainly, since the setting has a 20,000 upper limit, I think we’ll have a better way to deal with it from now on but, the dividing of the feed, and also because it takes some time to involve the settings on this side, if time allows, I think we’ll see the result in tonight’s crawl.

b. しつもんのせつめい:
Can we just verify the possibility of making use of only a HTTP basic certification without an ACL? The pros and cons of using nothing but the HTTP basic certification, if it’s possible, I think we can definitely talk a little more with the US about the possible implementation date and, about the methods of quickening from now on.

c. しつもんのせつめい:
The handling of personal information by Japanese corporations, the confirmation surrounding the security is very serious. The expectation is that we at least need the operation department’s “OK” with the law, at the current stage, we will escalate through the head of development department. After certification, about the detail process of adding ACL to the server, can I contact you in another email?

d. しつもんのせつめい:
Regarding Yfed2, the presently taking place, the result of the test of the one part of GSP’s function upgrade for performance advancement, and the decision to switch over, we also just heard about it this week, therefore, this becomes a last moment communication, we apologize. Regarding the information for the performance advancement, since Mieko has sent a different mail, please reference there. Also, just like we talk about information relating to YFED in the past, if you have any questions regarding the migration to YFED2, please feel free to contact me.

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