JapanesePod101 – Grammar, Adjectives, Verb Conjugation Summary

I stumbled upon japanesepod101.com by chance when I was browsing for podcasts to listen to on iTunes. Since then I have been hooked! On my last trip to Tokyo, I bought the incredibly expensive Sharp Zaurus SL-C3100 Linux PDA, mainly for its dictionary. With JPod101, I started taking notes with my PDA during my commute to work. This combination has helped improved my Japanese level a lot! (Well, still not good enough to pass a Japanese interview…) A while ago however, the PDA somehow fucked up and corrupted the file, I tried my best to recover it but the characters inside the recovered file had become garbage! 😦 Since then, I had stopped writing notes. What I’m going to do now, is to transfer all my notes from a back up file onto my blog. Storing it online seems to be my best bet against losing the data!

This first post is a summary of the really important rules of the Japanese language. I’m going to re-listen to the podcasts and list here the rules, plus which episode it was explained on. Hopefully, it will become a good reference for people using JPod101 to learn Japanese.

The difference between ”は” and ”が” ~ http://www.japanesepod101.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=319

”な”形容詞(けいようし) = 形容動詞

  • 優秀 - ゆうしゅうな
  • 貧乏 ー びんぼうな

”い”形容詞 ー drop い and add く for negatives.

  • 凄い  ー すごい  ー 凄く
  • 激しい ー はげしい ー 激しく
  • 逞しい ー たくましい ー 逞しく

Class 1 verbs conjugation: (to get the stem)
– romanji, just drop U and add I
– hiragana, jump back from U column to I column
 - 違う ー ちがいます
 - 聞く ー ききます
 - 分かる ー わかります
 - 頑張る ー がんばります
 - 叫ぶ ー さけびます
 - 言う - 言います
 - 思う - 思います
 - 読む - 読みます
 - 待つ - 待ちます
 - 楽しむ - 楽しみます

Passive for class 2 verbs
– add られる to the ます stem
 ー 食べられる – got eaten
 ー 傷つけられる – got hurt

Point: Passive of Class 1 verbs
– the “う” column becomes the “あ” column + add れる
 - 轢く ・ 轢かれる – to be run over (by a car)
 - 引く – to pull ・ 引かれる – to be pulled
 - 読む – to read ・ 読まれる – to be read

太る ー ふとる


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