Japanese tutor Thursday night, surprise interview Friday!!

Well, on Thursday, even though I was a little embarrassed and all, I decided to give the manager from Yahoo! HQ a call again. My thought was, even if she isn’t going to hire me for the Japanese / English Business Analyst, I could still convince her that I possess the right skills, so if she has any other B.I. positions open in the future… etc etc.

I called twice, she picked up the phone on the 2nd time, she seemed very busy, typing very fast… I quickly told her about why I had called back, that I had done some research on DataStage, and explained that I have a good understanding of the processes and technology behind it… etc. To my surprise, when I finished, she thanked me and told me that at this point, I’m going to be further interviewed by others, either about the technical stuff, or about my Japanese proficiency! I was shocked! Was I still in the game?

Either way, I’ve already hired the $45/hr Japanese tutor Thursday night. It was cold that night! And I had to walk from 77th & Lex to 75th & 1st to meet her. She didn’t help me much with traditional Japanese interviews, but more like a typical US one but in spoken Japanese. In the end, I basically have a list of typical interview questions and my answers, in Japanese.

Friday morning, got to work, opened my Inbox, there it was – Japanese manager from HQ, setting up an interview with me at 1:30!!! I freaked out!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!! TOO SOON!!!! Also, the title of the job wasn’t just a B.I. Analyst, but some Y!JP PM stuff… I went & grabbed a bagel and coffee, then whipped out the notes I got from last night, typed it out, thought about what else I would say to the manager, especially regarding the technical stuff I do at work, looked up any words that I may need to use on the net and on my Nintendo DS. 1:30 came around, I called her from a meeting room…

We started in English, talked about the position, she explained to me that it actually requires more than just the back end, technical, querying / reporting generating part… we’ll also need to educate Y! JP, I don’t want to go into details here… Anyway, we then switched to Japanese, she asked me to tell her my work experience since graduating from college, then more in depth about what I did for Yahoo! Hotjobs in the past 5 years. That’s about it… I asked her how was my Japanese, and she said I passed, she asked me how long have I studied Japanese, and I told her 2 years of high school and 1.5 years of college, after that, it’s just talking with friends and watching “dorama”… she laughed at the dorama part. She asked me if I had live in Japan! I said no. Then, she told me that if I go on, the final interview will be with the PM and Engineer from Japan. Oooh boy…

Till now, I still can’t believe I did that… I don’t think my Japanese level is good enough… my only hope is that they can’t find a fluent Japanese speaker who has the technical skills that they need. Now, back to studying!!

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