Why hadn’t I study Japanese more seriously?

Just spoke with the manager for a Business Intelligence Analyst position I found on Yahoo!’s internal job board. This job is perfect for me! I’ve been working steadily toward Data Warehousing / Business Intelligence as my career path, this position requires Oracle skills (which I have, though not extremely efficient as I don’t work with Oracle databases everyday), DataStage (and ETL tool) and Japanese language skills.

I haven’t used DataStage, but I understand the ETL processes and I have been doing similar “Extract, Transform & Load” process RAW, by writing the queries in Oracle, spooling the results to text files, FTP’ing the files to another database server, loading the data into one central database and make the necessary transformation so all the data are uniform and can be queried together. Finally, setting it all up in a cron job to be run automatically. So basically, to learn to use DataStage is NOT a problem for me. It’ll be easy.

The problem is the Japanese part. This position is required to communicate with Yahoo! Japan, get the right data from their web log files, ETL them into a data warehouse and create reports for them. And although I am pretty confident about my reading & listening comprehension level, the manager stated that it will basically require a native speaker… Sigh… and I thought I would have an edge here since I have the tech skills and know pretty good Japanese. This makes me regret why I hadn’t taken Japanese studies more seriously and take the JLPT exam.

I’m pretty sure that if Yahoo! Japan calls me for an interview, I would do OK even now. But I’m definitely going to take the JLPT Level 2 exam this year!!! I will achieve official “native level” within this year!

Now… if I can just get my hands on some DataStage skills… …

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