2007 New Year Resolution

How creative! I can’t think of a better title.

A lot of things are happening, there are a lot of things I want to do, a lot I need to write down. My brain is a complete mess, so I’m jumping right in and start writing! Start small, and keep the ball rolling. Things I need to touch upon are:

  • Wedding
  • Work at Yahoo
  • Personal Development – blog, web dev, Japanese
  • Personal Business – My ideas, How to Start


Yup, I proposed to Queenie on 12/21/2006, right before our 2 weeks visit to Hong Kong. While in HK, I met with Queenie’s parents, bought a ring, we arranged our parents to meet, found a few “lucky dates”, we already had our sights settled on The Peninsula Hotel for the Wedding Ceremony and Banquet… The date should be 11/29/2007. There are so much to do for a wedding, I can’t talk about everything here. The one thing I need to say is… it’s expensive! I am trying to set a goal for myself to earn an extra $30K US dollars this year to cover the expenses! 😛

Work at Yahoo!

Coming Feburary, I will have completed 5 years of service at Yahoo! Hotjobs. I’ve been involved in many projects, giving me exposure to almost all layers of the business, from billing to user experience. It has been good times, especially the early years, when everything was in turmoil and I could see what needed to be done, and just jump in and do it. Nowadays, there are a lot more red tapes and things go a lot slower.

Regarding my career path, I’ve stated that I wanted to become a Business Intelligence Engineer. Currently, we’re migrating our CRM and front end to a new platform and work are being done in Sunnyvale’s main campus on developing a Data Warehouse. I’m trying to move there to become part of that team.

I’ve spoken with my managers here in New York, and I’ve met the manager from Sunnyvale and spoke to him about my interest in joining his team. There weren’t any open racks as it was the end of 2006, but I’m confident that once they’ve gotten the racks in 2007, I will be able to transfer over there. I’ll save the details on this for another post.

Personal Development

I haven’t really touched web development since I left Microsoft’s MSN in 2001. Professionally, I’ve had my sights set on database technologies and Business Intelligence. However, social networking and Web 2.0 sites like flickr, del.icio.us, digg, WordPress and many personal blogs, have reignited my interest in creating web sites. I’ve installed WordPress on my FreeBSD box at home, trying to learn CSS and PHP through it.

One problem I realized is that I tend to mind too much about the technical details. Cal Henderson of the Flickr fame had given his advice based on his experience, and that is to start small, get your first readers, and then grow along while your site is live. I’m trying to start a couple of blogs this way – one is about Japanese living in New York City, and another is about Traditional Chinese culture in modern Chinese societies. Finally, I’ve been learning Japanese through a podcast called JapanesePod101. I’ll try to take the JPLT Lv. 2 this year, and I’ll try to use JPod101 alone to accomplish this. It’s going to be a good experiment.

Personal Business

Finally, my business. I’ve registered and closed a S-Corp in 2005, wasted thousands of dollars and contributing to the IRA and the statistic of 99% failure rate of businesses in the US. I’m not going to repeat that! I hope that with the experience I gained through the blogs, I will create a couple of communities sites – one related to gaming and one related to food and travel. My goal is not to make a lot of money, I’m interested in these topics and I hope that I can create something that can support me enough to move around and live in different countries. If there’s one thing that I need help on here, that would be VC. How and where do I get venture capitals? Where are my angels?!! 😛

Alright, that’s enough for one post. Until next time.


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