Reading materials left in men’s bathroom

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This happened at my office in NYC. I sent the following email to our social alias.

Just wanna say thanks to the guys who are always so enthusiastic in sharing their reading materials in the bathroom. I’ve enjoyed your Sports Illustrated and ESPN articles by spreading the pages on the floor with the bottom of my shoes. However, please note that nobody likes to touch another person’s belongings in the bathroom, so can you please refrain from stuffing your print outs into the toilet seat cover bin? I just want to sit on the toilet covers, not toilet covers that had contact with papers that you’ve touched.

Today however, when I turn to grab a sheet, to my horror, there was a cup of black liquid sitting there, blocking the way. I was stunned for like 5 seconds. I think this was the first time I’ve seen drinking beverages inside a bathroom stall… I just couldn’t associate the 2 together, I didn’t know what to do! Anyhoo, to the guy who left his beverage in there today… WTH man?! 99.999% of the human population don’t drink while they are sitting on the toilet! But if you like to do that, that’s fine, I respect that… but can you NOT leave your drinks in there for the next person to enjoy? That’s just disgusting




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