FIFA World Cup 2006 – Italy 1-1 USA

June 17th, 2006, what a day in World Cup football! First, Ghana beat Czech Republic 2-0, then Italy tie it with USA 1-1.

Both the Czechs and the Italians played phenomenally in their first matches, Italy played their best game I’ve seen for a while and taught Ghana a football lesson, winning 4-2. The Czech slaughtered the USA “standing around-ers” 3-0.

I never really liked watching the Italians because I don’t like their “heavy defense + counter attack” style… especially when they don’t play it very well a lot of times. But on June 12th, the Italians opened my eyes! It was THE best game in this World Cup so far. With such high expectations, everybody expected them to kick the USA’s ass today.

Why did the Italians played so poorly today? The USA did a good job disrupting Italy’s pace in the beginning, still, the Italians scored a beautiful goal first. Then, an unfortunate own goal tied the game again… and from this point on, you can see the Italians getting impatient. The flagrant foul with the elbow to the face! WTF was that?! The coach was so scared that Totti would do something stupid he had to pull Totti out of the game!

Nothing against the US, but I really don’t want them to advance to 2nd round. When I was watching the game at the restaurant, there were quite a few tables that rooted for the US. I really don’t understand these people. It’s not like they know the game or even their own US players!! To me, and probably to a lot of other people, (including the Italian players on the field), the World Cup is one of the most special (if not THE most special) event in the world! We want to see good games, so we want only the best teams to go through. Now, to be fair, even the old powers like Italy or Germany can play pretty poorly sometimes, but we should look at their best games. When they play well, they’re really fun to watch. The USA, however, even at their best, they still look like child’s play. I mean for fuck’s sake, near the end of today’s game, one of the US player fucking used his hand to touch the ball! LOL… Reminds me of a comment I read somewhere, someone said “soccer isn’t a real sport because their players don’t use their hands”. ROTFL!!! Sigh… So please, ignorant Americans blindly supporting the US of A, STOP!

Only the strong teams go through, please!


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