Travel Blog – 2006/03/26 – Tokyo, Japan

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Arrived 16:15, watched a JPN movie – Always 三丁目の夕日 (Sunset on 3rd Street), about life in post war Tokyo in the 50’s or 60’s, during which time the Tokyo tower was built. It’s typical Japanese – slow paced, funny, sweet and touching.

Got ¥80,000 from Citibank ATM, Queenie had motion sickness (乗物酔い), bought vitamin drink at conbini ¥147 for her to take medicine. Keisei Skyliner 17:14 to 上野 (18:15) ¥3960.

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銀座線 to 青山一丁目 ¥190 x 2, The area was really quiet, it was hard to imagine seeing such a quiet area in the midst of Tokyo… the only thing was the exits of this station were quite confusing. Once we found a point of reference, we followed the map and walked to Hotel Asia Center. Lots of gaijin staying here, the staffs all spoke good English. Checked in and called Jackie, 銀座線 to 渋谷 ¥160 x 2, met Jackie in front of Hachiko at 8:30.

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Shibuya has so many gaijins now, 50 million of them standing right in front of Hachiko! Jackie doesn’t look like a gaijin ABC no more, he was full on Japanese!! 🙂 He was too camera shy though… Dude! U need to take mo pics of yourself! Your sisters would love to see you in Jap mode. LOL.

Ate at にんにく屋, afterwards went to buy motion sickness medicine and cosmetics at マツモト キヨミ 薬 ¥6257. Walked around in Center Gai, bought drink at ドン。キホーテ (Don Quijote, or Don Quixote) ¥92, then stood in Excelsior cafe to chat (no seats, everywhere was full!), left at 11:00, 半蔵門線 home ¥160 x 2. Took sleeping pills and Zzzzzz.

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