The View from Taiwan: Taro Aso: Japan’s Answer to Pasuya Yao?

The View from Taiwan: Taro Aso: Japan’s Answer to Pasuya Yao?

Japan’s Foreign Minister, Taro Aso’s offensive remarks on Taiwan

Actually read this on Japundit first and got linked here. Interesting read on both sites. I think what needs to be said are already said in all the comments in those 2 sites. I am just going to write down a little of my own family history. (This is an online record of my memory afterall.)

My mom’s father is Cantonese, but was born in Shanghai and for some reason, studied in American school. Hence he doesn’t read/write Chinese! During the 2nd world war, he worked for the US Navy as a airplane mechanic on board of US’s carriers! Pretty cool huh?! After the 2nd WW, there was the civil war (I think… Hey, I suck at Chinese history) and the fucking communist party won. My grandpa was offered 2 relocation choices by the US government. 1) Japan 2) Taiwan. He chose Taiwan obviously, because he was fighting the Japanese and he hated them. I guess this can particially explain why when the KWT(?) invaded Taiwan, they uprooted many Japanese establishments… (did they?) They fought agianst the Japanese for 8 yrs in China, and then lost their home to the fucking communists. Of course they’re pissed! XD LOL (So, my mom grew up in Taiwan during the 1950’s & 60’s, and doesn’t hold any grudge toward Japan.) I hold great respect for my grandpa. 🙂

My father is Shanghai-an (? No such word as Shanghai-nese?) His father and mother were both from wealthy Shanghai families. Grandpa even went to study abroad in Germany when he was young, and so did my father’s eldest brother. Their entire family had to flee from Shanghai when the fucking communists started taking away everyone’s money & possessions and beating / killing the wealthy and educated. They moved to Hong Kong, where my grandpa opened an unsuccessful stationary shop business and slowly depleted all of his family’s fortune. 😦 Naturally, my grandpa hated the fucking communists… but he also hated the Japanese. His reasoning was that, if it wasn’t for the Japanese, the communists party wouldn’t have been born.

My father doesn’t admit that he “dislikes” the Japanese, I don’t really know what his reasons are… but he likes to buy China made electronics. He often say that “Nowadays, China made electronics are pretty well made, they can compete with Japanese made electronics.” (My Dad is also a mechanic and an electrician, so whenever things broke, he goes and fix it himself!) 😛

Isn’t my family sweet? 😛

I think on everyone’s personal level, there’s no point to hold grudges against a certain race or country for what their ancestors did in the past. These things are only used on a political level to manipulate people. There are too much beauty and love all over the world to stop one from travelling and meeting new people.

Enlightened, ain’t I?

I still fucking hate communists Chinese though! 😀 LOL


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