Complaints about my cheap landlord – Part 2

Complaints about my cheap landlord – Part 2

Sorry to keep ranting, but blog is actually a good way to document what is happening so that in the future, you can use it as evidence or a reference in time if needed.

So last time there was the heat problem, the truth is, I’ve gotten a nasty cold because of it… It was so bad that even after my 10 days of antibiotics, I was still sick! (I finished the anitibiotics on Monday and starting late Tuesday, I began to feel it come back again!) Luckily for me, I finally had a good sleep on Friday and it became better, so I knew it was a slight flu instead of the same cold. I took some NyQuil (My favorite drug in the whole world!! :D) and slept some more. I’m feeling much better now. (But still not completely out of it.)

I’m documenting here because according to NY state’s tenants’ rights, I can sue to lower my rent because my landlord couldn’t provide the necessary utilities, which are supposed to be included the rent payment.

Now this morning, we had a bit of a drama. Queenie was ready to leave for work, (I was finishing some pre-breakfast) when she suddenly screamed about can’t opening the door. I gave it a try, sure enough, the nob won’t turn… we were locked in!! You know from my previous post that a) this Greek landlord is cheap, b) he had recently installed a new lock. So this lock is NEW!!! I called the super up, Jerry, and once again, he was like… “OK, I try to come this morning.” What the fuck do you mean “try to come”?! We’re fucking locked in!!!! What if there’s a fucking fire you fucking fuck!!! I knew I can’t rely on him, so I began to take the lock apart by unscrewing the face plate, but then I realized what a hell of a mess it will become and also I can’t guarantee that I can open the door. So I screwed the plate back in, took a look at the door crack, and I remembered… “Hey! I used to be able to pick these door locks from the outside with a subway ticket! Now I’m inside, it should be even easier!” I gave it a try, I found a piece of thing metal, (since I don’t have to bend around a corner to reach the hinge) slide it in, and *click*, the door was opened! HAHA!! It turned out, there’s a button on the lock’s side panel for switching the “auto lock” on and off. We had it “off” so that we can just go outside to throw away trash and not get locked out. Somehow that button was switched to “on” last night, but still, it’s only supposed to lock the outside nob, not the inside!!!

Anyway, once again, I’m documenting this because according to NY State tenant’s guide, landlord is supposed to provide safety measures, like intercom and working door locks. Our building has no intercom and my door lock is broken. So if we ever get burglarized, we can sue for damages.


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  1. Jackie says:

    Hahaha. Broken door lock… oh wait, it was switched to “ON”?!?!? LOL–>

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