NYC – Cheap landlord families in Astoria

NYC – Greek landlords in Astoria (Cheap)

I had previously posted in my Yahoo!360 blog about my cheap landlord not fixing the water heater for more than a week, forcing my gf to take ice cold showers. Now, it’s end of October and the bastard still hasn’t turned on the heat for us. Man, and I thought only Asians were that cheap! LOL… This landlord and the superintendent are families, they obviously own quite a few buildings in Astoria, a traditionally Greek neighbourhood. (Astoria is supposed to host the largest young Greek population outside of Greece.) After moving to Astoria, I found out that Greeks are not that much different from the old Chinese immigrants.

I’ve heard that there are old Chinese immigrants that moved to NYC and never set foot outside of China town. They have lived here all their lives but can’t speak a word of English. Apparently, this kind of living only within your own people’s community” is not limited to the Chinese. The Greeks, the Jews, Italians, Blacks, Hispanics… actually, come think about it… most people only live within their own communities… hence all the segregated neighbourhoods in NYC…

Anyway, my super, I have to call him up to get him to do anything! And it’s hard to communicate with him ‘coz his English sucks… Last Friday, our door lock finally broke down. I called him up and he came, took the lock out, showed me that the inside was bent and sort of accused me of breaking it! I said it has always had problem ever since we moved in. He said he would buy a new lock and install it the next day (Saturday), he never came. I had to call him again Saturday night, then again Sunday morning to get his ass down here. When he finally fitted the lock, he said he would sent the bill to me! I was like “Fuck that!! I didn’t break it, u should’ve fixed it before we moved in.” God damn!! The super drives a fucking Mercedes, we pay a whopping $1600 a month for rent and somehow, we still have to endure ice cold water, no heat and pay for our own lock?!

And what’s up with the other tenants?! Why aren’t they complainning?!!

I have the NY State Attorney General’s “Tenant’s guide” in my hand, so I know my rights and I know I can sue my cheap-ass landlord to lower my rent payment because they don’t provide the necessary “utilities” which was include in the rent. I think I should try suing. What have I got to lose? 😀


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