Cosplay hierarchy (I’ll be the hero, you’ll be the dog.)

Jackie’s TGS 2005 shots
Originally uploaded by cloneofsnake.

This pic really cracked me up… I wonder how they decided who is going to be whom. It could be just a simple game “Stone, paper and scissors”, or perhaps the “Senpai / Kouhai” hierarchy also exists in the cosplay community.

Yes, a useless blog entry, I know… I’m just trying to link up my flickr to here so Google can pick it up. Cloneofsnake cloneofsnake CloneOfSnake!! 😀


Just another guy trying to beat the system and be released from the Matrix

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One comment on “Cosplay hierarchy (I’ll be the hero, you’ll be the dog.)
  1. Jackie says:

    HAHAHA, you got SPAM COMMENTS too. I don’t think this is a worthless post, well, considering you don’t post much, this is better than nothing.–>

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