8/25 Fire Next Door at 3am

God Damn’it Yahoo 360, I had blogged about this through my Yahoo Messenger, but apparently it didn’t go through. Fuck it, it’s so much easily to blog from flickr to blogger. So anyways…

Queenie woke me up in the middle of the night, saying something’s happening outside. I’m glad she’s so alert in her sleep, as I’m the kind that can sleep through an earthquake on the 19th floor of a Hyatt in Tokyo! I woke up, took a glimpse outside of the window, a fire truck was parked right outside and it was extending its ladder at that moment… There were many people standing right below my 2nd floor apartment… the flashes of emergency lights made the scene almost surreal. The first thought in my mind was, “Suurrrrreeeaaaal… woooo…. I should take a picture…” But the next thing I saw was smoke blowing across my window, and so we decided to go downstairs to check out what happened. (Leaving Siu Bak and Yoyo behind 😛 )

Turns out it was the 5th floor apartment next to us, some cardboard on the wall caught fire or something. We stood there for about 5 minutes, meanwhile some paremedics arrived, but the fire fighters are packing up, so that means the fire had already been put out. So, we went back upstairs and zzzzzz…

It was 3 am in the morning, yet there were quite a few young couples that were just returning home from a night of partying… That should tell you that this neighbourhood is pretty hip and safe. 😉


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