Queenie loves We love Katamari Damacy

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We don’t have the first Katamari Damacy but I heard it’s a great game, so I got part 2. I wasn’t too impressed with it but Queenie absolutely loves it. She got so into the game she was swearing and throwing the controller and shit. This is the same lovely girlfriend of mine that yelled at ME when I was pissed off playing Zelda or whatever… She got pissed off at me and said “Why do you get so upset, it’s just video games, if you can’t control your temper then stop playing!” HA! Hypocrite!! So guess what I said to her… 😉

Anyway, I thought it was pretty funny, and it kind of remind me of Old Grandma Hardcore, except grandma is on my level of “talking trash to the game characters”… hilarious!


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