Made a new friend on the subway on 7/20

Made a new friend on the subway on 7/20

I didn’t think it could happen but it did. 7/20 was another regular Wednesday of any week, I got off work at 6:30, got on the F line at 14th St, change to N, W line at 34th St. I stuck my foot into the closing door of the W train but the damn operator wouldn’t open the doors. I gave up, got on the next N train and sitting directly in front of me was this girl with what looked like the British version of Harry Potter 5 – the Order of Pheonix. I took out my PDA and continue to read my Harry Potter 6 on eBook format. When it was close to my stop, I thought I’d ask her if it was in fact the Brits version and if she had gotten it here in NYC. Turns out she was from Germany and she got the book in Germany. It was fun chatting with her, we got off at the same stop, chatted for a while longer, then we got each other’s name and phone number and parted ways.

NYC is so full of people who don’t care for each other. On the subway each day, we see hundreds of people. Most probably don’t believe they will ever make a friend on the subway! But I guess it could happen. This is the just like getting blown up in a suicide attack actually… the right time, the right place, the right train, the right seat… you make a new friend, you get blown up. It’s all written down in your fate. >:)


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